Quick Notices

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Week 9

Happy Birthday to Sebastian who is celebrating his birthday today (Saturday).
We enjoyed your fidget spinner shaped biscuits on Friday!

Some highlights from last week.

We are working hard in Maths and making those little brains think!

We are solving simple multiplication and division problems by counting all the objects, moving to using our knowledge of skip-counting in twos, fives and tens.  We learn to divide by sharing objects equally.

 We are developing our knowledge through group and individual work.

In our Concept learning this week, we started looking at life cycles. We chose the 'Fantastic Frog' to research first. Your children found so many amazing facts that we were able to put them together as a very interesting report. We then looked at the life cycle - Wow, they are amazing little creatures. Ask your child if they can remember the stages from egg to adult frog.
So with all this great writing, we had to find a way of displaying it...

In Go For It, Tim taught us how to throw and catch correctly. It was so much fun.

On Friday, Laine brought a friend to school for Golden Time. Meet Wayne the wombat...




Singing 8.45am

Kapa Haka
PTA disco 5.30 -7pm

Gym Competition

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Week 8

This week is Maori Language week.

Monday 11th September

Tuesday 12th September

Wednesday 13th September
8.45am Singing
Steam puddings with custard for sale, $2 each.

Thursday 14th September
Go For It!
Kapa Haka

Friday  15th September
Room 7's Assembly
Pacifika Practice
Golden time

On Friday, it was Epiphany's last day with us in Room 13. She is moving with her family to Australia. We will miss you Epiphany!

On Friday, we attended The Nativity of Mary Mass. Sophie was chosen to read a Prayer of the Faithful. She was well prepared and spoke with confidence. Well done Sophie!

Last week in our writing, we wrote a report on a new planet. Our learning intention was to use adjectives (describing words) and relate our new planet to what we already know about the solar system.
It was so enjoyable hearing the children tell of their new planet. A few children mentioned that it was very hot on their planet as it was close to the sun.  Liebling's planet is made of shiny metals. Zak's planet is next to Jupiter and the liquids on it are water and melted diamonds! Laine's planet has wombats living on it. They have to wear gas masks because there is lava, water, ice and Molten Emeralds.  
To complete this topic we spent Golden time making the space ships that can land on this planet.

The children's report writing and creations will be displayed on our classroom wall next week.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Week 7

Good evening Parents/Caregivers,

I am delighted to have taken up the role of classroom teacher in Room 13. I will strive to continue with the super work that Mrs Russell has achieved with your children.
We have had a great first week together and the children have welcomed me into the class beautifully. The classroom door is always open so please feel free to come in and have a chat or e-mail me if you have any questions. I look forward to getting to know you.

Tomorrow we celebrate the Nativity of Mary with a Mass at 9:00am.  You are most welcome to join us.

Next week, I will be up and running with our class blog which will keep you updated with what we are doing in the class and the school.

Kind regards
Mary Kusabs

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Final Weekly Notice Week 6 Term 3, 2017

Ooh it feels quite sad to be posting my last weekly notice at St Mary's.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for being such a great class and a super group of parents.  I would have preferred to have stayed on and seen the year out with these little darlings but it just didn't happen that way and I am sorry about that.  I do believe I am leaving them in capable and caring hands with Mrs Kusabs and I know they will treat her with as much love and respect as they have me.  It's not very often a teacher can say their class is the best in the school and really mean it, but Room 13 this year certainly has been.  I really scored the jackpot this time round and have loved my time with your kids.  They are unlike any class I have had and I truly am going to be sad to say goodbye to them.  I know they will continue to make me proud this year and that they will all go on to make amazing progress during their very special time at St Mary's.  
I have had many happy years at this beautiful school and even though it is time for me to go, I will remember it with fondness as my school, my girls school and a very special place that I got to spend some time for a while.  Please look after yourselves and your gorgeous children and hopefully we can catch up in the future, I am sure you will see me around at St Mary's in my new role.

"May the road rise up to meet you, may the sun be always at your backs and until we meet again, may God hold you always in the palm of his hand."

Thank you and God Bless

Friday, 25 August 2017

Marist Colts Visit

Today the touring Marist Colts visited us at school.  They are a group of young Marist men from all around NZ who get together once a year to go on tour.  They talked to us and some of us got to do a line out with them and then we all played outside with them.  It was really great and some of our kids might just grow up to be Marist boys too.

                                Here is Oli in the Marist Line out.  Cool Oli.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Hard at work in Room 13

Look at these little darlings hard at work today.  It is so great seeing them take responsibility for themselves in the classroom, they are certainly a hard working group.



Greens and Ebbie




Sunday, 20 August 2017

Weekly Notice

Week 5, Term 3, 2017

Hi everyone, and welcome back to Week 5.  Hopefully everyone received the letter from Mr MacMillan regarding my new position.  It has been a really hard decision for me to make, made even more difficult by the fact that your kids are just so wonderful.  I will miss each and every one of them and while it will be super sad leaving them and my dear school, it is time for me to try something new. I have been at St Mary's for nearly 18 years and now that all my own children have moved on to JPC and beyond, it's my time to set myself some new goals and take on a new adventure.  Thank you all for your amazing support this year and for all your kind words and gestures.  St Mary's is certainly a very special place and you the community make it that way.  I will definitely stay in touch with Room 13 and will hopefully be able to sneak in for a visit from time to time.

Ok, now on to Week 5........

*R.E - we will wrap up our unit on Jesus this week and begin looking at the Church.  The kids have learned some really interesting facts about Jesus and what his life was like, talk to them about it, you might even learn something you didn't know before.

*Maths - This week in Maths we will be looking at Measurement and more specifically, Time.  This unit complements our Concept Study on Cycles - regular repeated sequences.  We will look at days, weeks, months, years, minutes and hours.

*ALim - our group is working so hard and making some great progress.  Please check the homework books as I will be sending home the odd practice sheet to help reinforce some of the knowledge needed at Stage 4.   This week we will continue to look at Place value - tens and ones as well as identifying numbers to 1000 and adding tens.

*Writing - this week we are going to do some writing around our rocket launch.  We will write a recount and an explanation which will outline how you can launch a rocket at home.

*Reading - We have been working on Comprehension over the last few weeks.  The children have been searching a piece of writing for facts and using their research to help them answer comprehension questions.  I have to say, they are becoming excellent researchers!  You can see some of their research assignments on the wall in our classroom.  Keep up the great reading at home.  This week we will also continue practising and performing plays.

*Go4it continues on Thursday at 1:30.  We are having a great time with Tim and are practising some really important sports skills.  We have also begun playing soccer in the afternoons which is great fun.  Although your bully children did push me over last week and I hit the deck in spectacular style - all great fun!

*Sadly our little mate Oliver is leaving at the end of this week.  His family have decided to go to Scotland, where his mum Nadia is from and spend some time living with family there.  It is super exciting for Oli and I know he will take it all in his stride.  To celebrate our friendship with him, we will have a shared lunch on Thursday.  Please send a plate of food to share and feel free to join us at 1:15.  We will also have a special presentation for Oli on this day.

Keep up the great work with those super kids and have a fantastic week,